Portfolio – Item Descriptions

A Suspicious Yet Enticing Potion

This round glass bottle has a skull and crossbones label on it. That’s not a good sign, but the liquid within shimmers and swirls, calling to you. Surely one sip couldn’t hurt?

Heal Thyself Potion

The only thing in the bottle is a tiny scroll of parchment. It reads, “THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS.” There is a drawing of a yellow smiley face. It doesn’t help.

Better Them Than You

An opaque bottle that buzzes. The buzzing is getting louder. Maybe you should try throwing it at the enemy before something bad happens. Or not. Maybe it’s fine. Buzzing bottles are totally normal, right?

Liquid Courage

It smells like whiskey and it’s in a hip flask but if anyone asks, it’s definitely a magic potion.

Fortuna Felicis

It’s said that a small sip of this sweet-smelling golden liquid is all you need to attract good luck. Looking at your progress, perhaps you should down the whole bottle.

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