Portfolio – Quest Descriptions

Grim Remains

Your spies have brought word of still-smouldering Reaper remains on the outskirts of Jumar. Investigate with caution.

Crossed Swords

Old rivalries in the east have erupted into violence. Both Baroness Travin of Mount Callas and Lord Farrow of Warrindale have asked for your aid. Decide who to help and visit their stronghold.

At Her Beck and Call

Lady Halley has finally agreed to discussions about opening a passageway through her lands. Go to Chateau Riand to talk with her.

Bastard’s Brew

Alisdair has promised to brew a new kind of beer to boost morale in the troops. He’s requested some rare herbs to make it extra-special.

The Lady’s Favour

You and Lady Halley have been growing ever closer. She loves the finer things in life, and you’ve heard her wax lyrical about the wine from her homeland. Track down a bottle for her.

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