Writing Samples

You can find some game writing samples below. For my full portfolio, please send over an email. 


Quest descriptions

Grim Remains

Your spies have brought word of still-smouldering reaper remains on the outskirts of Jumar. Investigate with caution. [Read more]

Item descriptions

A Suspicious Yet Enticing Potion

This round glass bottle has a skull and crossbones label on it. That’s not a good sign, but the liquid within shimmers and swirls, calling to you. Surely one sip couldn’t hurt? [Read more]

Notes and Letters

The Mysteries of Chateau Riand

Chateau Riand is one of the oldest homes in Amara; indeed, it is one of the oldest homes on the continent. Such a heritage has left it steeped in mysteries that are made even more enticing by the reclusive nature of the Halley family.

One such mystery surrounds the ghosts that are said to haunt its halls. Guests, rare though they are, report soft, unidentified moaning; books falling off shelves in the library; and candles abruptly extinguishing themselves before lighting themselves just as quickly.

But with a history as rich and dark as Chateau Riand, it is no great surprise that the place is haunted. [Read more]

Character bios


Sometimes charming, sometimes awkward, always a good friend. No matter what, he’s there for you, whether that’s help with homework, advice about girls or cooking up a mean batch of brownies. [Read more]